A Great Week for Media OR……. There Oughta be a Law

I think that professional informationist ought to have a special license that holds them to a higher standard. Much like the CDL for professional drivers hold them to a MUCH higher standard.
We are all free to drive but if we want to go pro, Taxi, Bus, Trucker, Chauffeur, and etc. we get a CDL and now have to operate well… Like a pro.
Freedom of press is great but if you operate as a paid professional you ought to be able to be held accountable.
Right now the Professional Press is about as accountable as a 4 year old lying about sneaking a cookie.

I dunno, maybe not. The way things are going, News Folks might start governing themselves again.


One thought on “A Great Week for Media OR……. There Oughta be a Law

  1. That’s a very interesting concept. I am actually surprised that there isn’t a regulatory body for journalists now that you mention it. However, the very nature of journalism is to be against the consensus, so it’s not possible to have a regulator judge opinion. In other words, a regulator of the media is always a censor.

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