The Man

A few days ago I was in a small Kansas town, shirtless in the afternoon warmth. There were people with me but I don’t remember exactly who.

The windows in the downtown store fronts were remarkably clean, causing a mirror-like effect. It must have been the angle of the sun because as I caught my reflection in the glass, I could see my six-pack sticking out like the ribs on a starving hound from my nearly hairless, early 20s physique.

For just a moment I didn’t remember how I got in such great shape but that didn’t distract me from realizing that I still had it. Wow!! Even at my age I bet I could still work concrete.

Reflections in windows don’t lie. I look at least 20 years younger than any man my age that I know.

My body relaxed as I felt muscles rolling under my skin like a jungle cat on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom animal show. (I do work out you know).

Something jostled me and I partially opened my eyes and I could smell the familiar, light and comforting scent of morning breath as my wife rolled over and sleepily scratched my tummy.

Dammit. It was a dream.


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