Tippy was a Basset / Beagle mix with a white tipped tail. Every minute with Tippy was a good one. I would have thought that no other dog could be loved that much although there was one a few years later.

I told Tippy all my problems, wallowed in self pity you know, and all my happy stuff too.

Tippy would trip us up playing football and plant land mines for us to fall in. Seems like Tippy is in just about every memory I have from 7-9 years.

Sometimes I wanted to kill that dog. We had a hill a few blocks from our house that guys would struggle madly to ride their dirt bikes up. This was where we would play army. We would drag our bicycles as far up the hill as we could and with all the guts we could muster we would jump on the peddles and skid down the dirt and jagged rocks doing all we could to not wreck. I swear to God that dog would find a way to get ran over and ruin the life of whatever poor kid ran him over, knees, elbows and torn jeans.

My mom was baby sitting a little boy one time (toddler just talking age) and he kept telling her about something…. round and round… She couldn’t figure out what he was jabbering about. About a week later someone noticed that the dog’s ball sack was bulging… huge and black. The folks took him to the vet but the rubber band that went round and round had done the trick. I learned what an ‘it’ was.

There was a kid down the street named Rory that came over a lot and played all the games. He was a bit younger than me,(I was the youngest of our bunch) and we played pretty rough. Although crying was a misdemeanor in our family he was allowed to cry. One day he was rough housing with the dog and Tippy nipped him near the eye and it split the skin. Neither Rory or Tippy were being bad, it just happened.

My folks were socially responsible people and did what is right regardless of how it feels. It felt pretty bad but it was decided that the dog needed to be put down.

I plead the case for Tippy and lost. I held out all day at school praying to Jesus to somehow convince my folks to change their minds. I cried a lot for a few days but I did know it was the right thing to do.

Good old Tippy


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