Howdja Get This Scar Daddy?

Howdja get this scar Daddy?

Which one Baby?

This one right here. Tracing a little finger across a thin white line.

I smiled with the memory. It was at a lumber company I had worked at directly after high school graduation. Snagged against a piece of sharp tin. Not much more than a paper cut.

Well….. Do ya want the truth or a good story?

She smiled impishly. Tell me a good story!!!!

I rubbed the scar thoughtfully. It just so happens Baby that there is an interesting story behind this scar……..

Did I ever tell you about the time I was captured by Indians?

Eyes widen with curious excitement.

Well… I wasn’t much older that you are now when one day me and a buddy decided to go hunt for treasure down by the water at the edge of the forest near where my grandma lived…….



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