Name calling in politics. These are the current ones I can remember off the top of my mind. Help me out here will ya?

Go Gettum Goudy

Lying Ted (Cruz)

Little Mark ( Rubio)

Tired Jeb (Bush)

Nasty Woman (Elizabeth Warren)

Dishonest  Hillary, Crooked Hillary

Nutty Nancy, Natzi Palose, (Palosi)

Fascist, Loofa-faced, Shit-Gibbon (Trump) Shit Gibbon!! Who says that?

Song Bird McCain

Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) Lying on college application about being American Indian.

Thanks for reading. Please add more if you can think of any.

Oh yeah, Crying Schummer or Fake Tears Schummer


2 thoughts on “Sticks-N-Stones

  1. Many come to mind… Not all nice, Deplorable s,Libtards, Alt-right, Tolerant left, snowflakes,crybabies, and Milo Yiannopoulos The most dangerous faggot on earth…. let’s not forget oompa loompa and cheeto…I’m sure theres a lot more I’m not listing here. Somehow the world has gotten really good at name calling… I wish that I didn’t have all of these labels becoming ingrained in my head. Isn’t it interesting how Politics have brought out such childish behavior in adults?

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