Engineers: Pretty Cool

Engineers are different. People make fun of them and I can get why. They laugh at things that aren’t funny and don’t seem to understand things that are funny to the rest of the world.

Engineers are strange and quirky. They find ways to make life puzzles too difficult for themselves to solve and assume that the rest of us are just as confused or too stupid to understand.

Dilbert is a funny comic strip that many engineers don’t care for but if you know some engineers or are married to one it can be painfully funny.

Even though that psychologist on Cheers, oh, what’s his name…. What is it? Oh yeah, Frazier. Did I spell that right? Even though Frazier was a psychologist he has a lot of engineer traits and it makes for a great ‘bar’ personality.

So I’m thinking about this one day and I got to thinking…… you know, what is it about engineers?

So here is what I came up with:

You know when a pheasant hits your car window and it bounces off instead of lodging in the back seat? Someone engineered that.

Hit a brick on the highway at 70 mph and even if it gets damaged, the tire probably doesn’t blow. It was engineered to take HARD hits.

The kids are bouncing on the bed in a hotel room on the 23rd floor. They bounce funny, stumble and slam into the window but they don’t fall to their death. That’s different glass on the 23rd floor than on ground floor. That’s an engineer for you, always being quirky and solving problems that will never happen.

Even a light switch, or a chair, we don’t think before sitting, we just sit. Paint can last 20 years at 3 mil. thick. That’s engineering!!

The fact is they are a quirky, funny bunch but we can’t live life without them. And if for any reason we burn the cookies, the smoke alarm is engineered to go off just in case it might be a fire.

I am friends with several engineers and now even when they are acting in ways I don’t understand I can’t help wondering if maybe they are distracted by some concept that will improve my life and all I see is silliness.

Enormous respect. Yep, pretty cool. Engineers!!



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