Built the wall

So the other day my wife made me mad. I don’t remember what about and I do remember being more angry than I have been in a long time.

Later while thinking about it I realized that my feelings had been hurt. Just the realization started to anger me again. I ran the cycle a few times till I could think without emoting.

What is different this time is that I haven’t been hurt in that particular way in 9-11 years. I remember building a wall to keep from letting things she might say in anger from hurting me.

Even though I have been working on our relationship over the years I hadn’t realized some of the progress we had made. Certainly some of the previously built walls are coming down.

Something I’ve learned from the Trump thing is to build a big beautiful door in the wall to let people in. When I built perhaps thousands of walls to keep people out it hadn’t occurred to me to put in a big beautiful door to let them back in.

Some things are going to hurt as I let people into my life and I am much more able to handle it then I was back when the walls were built. I’m pretty sure I believe that.

Yep, I’m not taking down the walls just yet. I am putting in a few Big Beautiful Doors though.


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